New England Dental Administrators, LLC (NEDA) is a Third Party Administrator offering self-funded plans. NEDA gives employers flexibility in dental benefit plan design with expert and responsive claims administration services. Our promise is a seamless implementation to NEDA and a partnership with our customers that results in service value. This commitment is deep-rooted in NEDA's Performance Guarantees - The NEDA Promisesm.

About our Commitment

NEDA will provide the expertise to support the highest quality service at the lowest possible administrative cost.

NEDA is setting standards in:
  • No balance billing for employees using the participating dentist network.
  • Ease and flexibility for those employees choosing a non-participating dentist.
  • In-office fee reviews and credentialing of participating dentists.
  • Pre-approved fee reimbursements for participating dentists.
  • Reduced paperwork for employees using the participating dentist network.
  • A network that continues to grow and targets specific areas for our clients.
  • Performance Guarantees - The NEDA Promisesm

Benefits and Features

Employees will receive:
  • Access to a strong and growing participating dentist network- Employees who choose to see a participating dentist will have fewer out of pocket expenses.
  • Freedom to choose any dentist without penalty- Employees can keep their existing dentists without loosing benefits
  • No additional access or claim processing fees- Controlled fixed expenses
  • No balance billing - Employees cannot be billed for the amounts beyond the participating dentists' contractual charges.
  • No paperwork for employees - Participating dentists will complete dental claim forms and send them directly to NEDA for processing. Claim payments are then sent directly to the participating dentist. A Notification of Benefits (NOB) form is sent to the patient detailing how the claim was paid, and the amount due, if any, that the patient will owe the participating dentist.

The NEDA Promisesm

It's easy to talk about service excellence and a quality product - NEDA guarantees it to our customers through our Performance Guarantees.

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